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Models / Claire Black

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No More Fun & Games

15 min of video
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*Custom Script* "Claire and Mia are on the bed hanging out when Claire proposes that they play a funny game. Claire tells Mia they should try to test their breath-holding limits. They will go at the same time and the first girl to reach her limit must tap out! Mia is skeptical but agrees and they...

Tags: Lesbian Domination Smothering
A Little Game

15 min of video
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*Custom Script* "Mia and Claire are sitting on the bed, when Mia propose a funny game . The girls would try to sensually dominate each ocher with hand over mouth and her opponent to Submit ( tap out ). A lot of armpits views ( Exposing armpits), each time a girls gets knocked out, we must...

Tags: Breath Play Smothering
Internal Manipulation

62 Photos, 10 min of video
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Claire wants to have a talk. She is breaking up with you and says there’s “someone else” and your “relationship wasn’t very serious anyway”. Expecting this, you have a trick up your sleeve. You snap your fingers (out of view) and disappear into thin air. Claire is frantic as you literally...

Tags: Body Transfer Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Mental Domination
Frozen & Pranked

14 min of video
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Mia and Claire are roommates with a lot of differences. Claire is upset that Mia has left her laundry lying around again and enters her room to have a civil discussion about it. Mia is so annoyed with her roommate, and she wishes she would just "STOP" bitching! All of a sudden, Claire is completely still....

Tags: Freeze Human Doll Magic Fantasies Robots
Ass Humiliation Revenge

86 Photos, 12 min of video
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After Ashlynn ass humiliated her roommate Claire the last time, Claire has been digging for dirt on her. She finally stumbled across Ashlynn’s porn on a tube site and threatens to tell EVERYONE including Ashlynn’s boss and college unless Ashlynn gets on her knees and submits to Claire. Claire gets...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination
Apologize Beneath Feet

50 Photos, 12 min of video
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Ashlynn has been grinding hard at the gym and gets back from a two hour workout feeling great. Her roomie and friend Claire who is apparently having an off day makes some pretty rude remarks regarding Ashlynn's eating habits. Ashlynn is over this BS. Every time Claire is in a bad mood, she takes it out...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Mesmerize Foot Worship Sneakers
Bookworm to SLUT!

52 Photos, 11 min of video
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Nerd college girl Claire Black is a suspected virgin and is known to always turn down both men and women. Today is no different, except you have a little trick up your sleeve. You offer her some coffee with a bimbo powder which is guaranteed to make any woman forget about their priorities and turn into...

Tags: Bimbofication Magic Fantasies Mental Domination
Face Sitting Slut Roommate

12 min of video
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Nikki Cheeks and Mia Martinez discover their roommate Claire Black is a little homewrecking slut. Today, she messed with the wrong bitches. They overpower Claire before taking turns ass humiliating and smothering her. A fair punishment for a homewrecker!

Tags: Ass Fetish Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination