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Models / Ziva Fey

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Ziva Fey Updates

Beach Feet

63 Photos, 13 min of video
Available to Members on 06/22/2024

Custom Script "Ziva would be coming back from a beach or something wearing thong flip flops and a bikini preferably. Ziva would then place her feet on a table in the crossed position and complain her feet are tired and need to be worshipped. Her roommate Ashlynn would then come in and complain...

Tags: Foot Worship
Step Sibling Swap

17 min of video
Available to Members Now

Ziva and Jason have some deep rooted sibling rivalry. After Ziva reveals Jason's little fetish secret, he's had enough! He offers her some "hand gel" with some mystical properties. Ziva exits and after a few moments, Jason literally transforms into her! He's taken on her feminine form in every way, and...

Tags: Body Transfer Gender Transformation Masturbation Taboo Fantasies
Delirium or Possession?

94 Photos, 16 min of video
Available to Members Now

Custom Script Ziva Fey comes home from work unknowingly possessed by a ghost. She sits down on the couch and kicks off her heels, ready to relax. She is really grossed out by how sweaty her feet are. However, as she sits down, she suddenly hears herself say “Ugh my feet are so sweaty, I really wanna...

Tags: Foot Worship Magic Fantasies Mental Domination
Last Night's Transformation

12 min of video
Available to Members Now

Backstory: After a big night out with the guys partying, Zak wakes up and is clearly not himself. Little does he know, that an ex-girlfriend of his had slipped a hormone pill in his beverage- transforming him into a woman! After a late night out with the guys, Zak wakes up feeling not quite himself....

Tags: Body Transfer Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Masturbation
Wedgie Bully

10 min of video
Available to Members Now

Bimbo Ashlynn can't help but to bully everyone around her (even though she can't barely formulate a sentence herself). She completely belittles her step-brother's girlfriend, Ziva. Ashlynn is really digging in deep today, throwing insults at Ziva and ven threatening to make her leave! Ziva has had enough...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination Wedgies
Redeem Yourself

15 min of video
Available to Members Now

Ziva Fey has accidentally totaled Ashlynn Taylor's car but swears she has it all taken care of and has already filed a claim with the insurance and Ashlynn won’t have to pay a dime. Being the snobby bitch Ashlynn is, it’s not good enough. There’s only one way for Ziva to redeem herself. Ziva agrees...

Tags: Lesbian Domination Magic Fantasies Robots
HARD Taboo Wedgies

13 min of video
Available to Members Now

Custom Script Ziva would come into the room and find Mewchii playing her video game and gets mad at her for doing so. Noticing that Mewchii's panties are sticking out of her shorts, Ziva gives Mewchii a chinlock atomic wedgie. I'd want Ziva to give Mewchii the chinlock atomic exactly how she gave...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination Taboo Fantasies Wedgies
Step Sis's Soles

13 min of video
Available to Members Now

You and Ziva are all alone and she’s lounging on her phone. You approach and keep staring at her sock-covered feet, contemplating removing them to just get a quick peek underneath. Ziva starts getting agitated as she stands and begins raising her voice. You pull out your remote and control her with...

Tags: Foot Fetish Mental Domination Taboo Fantasies