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Flower Power

75 Photos, 12 min of video
Available to Members on 08/07/2024

Suave, an misogynist guy, has gained possession of an amulet that is said to grant “power and respect” that he believes he deserves. However, the amulet is cursed and instead transforms him into a woman! In shock, Suave, now Leo Babe tries to wake from this nightmare. He can’t be a chick! He then...

Tags: Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Masturbation Transformation Process
Transformation Trinket

81 Photos, 13 min of video
Available to Members Now

Suave’s grandfather has recently passed away and has left him a box of family heirlooms including some rare coins and mysterious crystals. His girlfriend Ashlynn had attempted to console him, but Suave snaps at her, saying she’s got it so well staying at home while he busts his ass all day. Ashlynn...

Tags: Body Transfer Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Masturbation
Improper Protocol

78 Photos, 15 min of video
Available to Members Now

Suave is working late in the lab when he accidentally spills some chemicals. He rushes to clean up but some strange things begin to happen. Now fully transformed and picking up on face. Suave is now Winter Leigh. Freaked out at first, feeling angry and confused. Winter tries to figure out a way to change...

Tags: 4K Body Transfer Gender Transformation Masturbation
Up My Friend's Ass

44 Photos, 10 min of video
Available to Members Now

Ashlynn is hanging with Suave today and the two of them are getting ready to head out to the pool for Suave's scuba certification. Ashlynn notices her friend is nervous and he admits that he doesn't think he's ready and has an overwhelming fear of being smothered. Ashlynn is here to be supportive. Suave...

Tags: Ass Fetish Face Sitting Female Domination
Gender Bender Cheat

70 Photos, 11 min of video
Available to Members Now

Suave is playing a video game and keeps dying. He decides to try a cheat code to unlock a legendary character named Cassidy. His character is a woman! That's not what he wanted. Suave tries to play as her but something begins to happen. First his hand, then his foot, then both feet!? Suave's hands and...

Tags: Gender Transformation Masturbation Pornstars Transformation Process
What Happens In Vegas

40 Photos, 10 min of video
Available to Members Now

Suave wakes up after a crazy night with bad dry mouth. He leans over and drinks some water on the night stand that he quickly notices has an off taste. He then gets up to use the bathroom. Slowly, his feet and hands begin transforming and when he looks in the mirror, he's in for quite a shock! He's a...

Tags: Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Masturbation Pornstars
Astral Projection

12 min of video
Available to Members Now

#1 in Gender Transformation! Acro lies down with headphones, listening to binaural beats. Suddenly, he feels light as he leaves his body and enters a fantasy state. Acro begins to wander through the neighborhood, through someone's backyard, and through a door into their home. Inside, he sees a beautiful...

Tags: Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Masturbation VFX & SFX
Herbal Metamorphosis

63 Photos, 13 min of video
Available to Members Now

Suave plans to relax after a hectic week and gets cozy on the couch. He notices what he thinks is a red tobacco pen and takes a hit - quickly coughing. He instantly feels lightheaded and tingly. His nipples begin to get sensitive and his ass feels swollen. After a brief moment, he notices his hand has...

Tags: Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Masturbation Pornstars