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Models / Ama Rio

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Ama Rio Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 7"
Age:  28
Astrological Sign:  Capricorn

Ama Rio Updates

Professor's Sweet Treat

17 Photos, 12 min of video
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Troubled Students Ama Rio and Ashlynn Taylor attend a small private college and are consistent troublemakers. They are sent to their psych professor by administration to try and find a solution to their behavioral issues. Professor (POV) speaks to them briefly before resulting to an “unorthodox”...

Tags: Mental Domination
Gender Possession

16 min of video
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TOP 50 CLIP! Custom Script "Ashlynn and Ama get home from a night of drinking and clubbing and things are about to get steamy between the two when they both make their way into the lounge. Ama goes into the other room to freshen up. While she is in another room, Ama hears an odd noise as...

Tags: Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Transformation Process
Making a Foot Pornstar

94 Photos, 31 min of video
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Custom Script Foot worship constantly switching between foot smelling, gentle nibbling feet, kissing feet, Dirty talk from both ladies about sweaty feet, the smell and taste during the foot worship but a lot of kissing/making out too throughout the video with some long make out sessions that last...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Lesbian Mesmerize Foot Worship
Face Changing App

60 Photos, 13 min of video
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Jason Ninja is addicted to his new phone. His girlfriend, Ashlynn Taylor, nags for him to give it a rest or it will "melt his brain". He still refuses to give his phone a rest. Instead he downloads useless apps and tries on out called "face changer". After trying a couple of filters, he tries the "gender...

Tags: Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Transformation Process VFX & SFX
Gossip Girls

27 Photos, 13 min of video
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Roommates Ama Rio, Ashlynn Taylor, and Sablique Von Lux are arguing over what to watch when Sablique instigates more disagreement. She mentions to Ama that she should tell Ashlynn what they were talking about the other night. Ashlynn is now very curious what the girls were saying behind her back. Sablique...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination Wedgies
Ouija Possession

12 min of video
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Ama is getting the house ready for the Halloween party. Her friends have contributed decorations - including a ouija board?! Ama has heard horror stories about such boards, but cannot resist touching the pointer. She feels a strange sensation on her fingertip followed by a sudden shock! Has the board...

Tags: Body Transfer Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Transformation Process
Accidentally Foot Mesmerized

10 min of video
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Ama is cleaning up the house for her hot date when she smells something funky. She finds one of her smelly sneakers lying around and takes a whiff of it. She is suddenly entranced. She stands still in complete entrancement for a long time before the door bell rings. Ama remains still, unable to answer...

Tags: Foot Fetish Magic Fantasies
Inflation Curse

46 Photos, 14 min of video
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Ama is cleaning up the house when she stumbles across a medieval looking spell book that her roommate left out. She opens it and reads aloud from a page. “Progressive growth shows no stopping Start to panic and end up popping” Ama laughs off this ridiculous book that her friend has and puts it...

Tags: Body Inflation Breast Expansion Transformation Process VFX & SFX

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