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Models / Jasper Reed

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Jasper Reed Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 6"
Age:  25
Astrological Sign:  Virgo

Jasper Reed Updates

Foot Focused Possession

103 Photos, 15 min of video
Available to Members on 10/05/2024

Custom Script Jasper Reed comes home and sits down on the couch, ready to relax and watch some TV. She kicks her shoes off. She's wearing very thin sheer tan nylons with very thin light colored ankle socks over them. Unbeknownst to her she gets possessed by a ghost. As she’s watching TV, she doesn’t...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Magic Fantasies Mental Domination
The Taylor Project

64 Photos, 11 min of video
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Jasper Reed is listening to positive affirmations on a mindfulness app on her phone. She closes her eyes and repeats a few affirmations before saying “I am a bimbo”. Jasper jumps in shock, and she can’t believe that was part of the exercise. She decides to give it a break and watch some tv. She...

Tags: Bimbofication Magic Fantasies Masturbation Transformation Process
Transformation Trinket

81 Photos, 13 min of video
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Suave’s grandfather has recently passed away and has left him a box of family heirlooms including some rare coins and mysterious crystals. His girlfriend Ashlynn had attempted to console him, but Suave snaps at her, saying she’s got it so well staying at home while he busts his ass all day. Ashlynn...

Tags: Body Transfer Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies Masturbation
Hard Livestream Wedgies

31 Photos, 10 min of video
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Cam girls Ashlynn Taylor & Jasper Reed made a bet last week in which Ashlynn was the inevitable loser. Today on livestream, Jasper is having Ashlynn wear a pair of big granny panties. Once the girls are live, Jasper encourages Ashlynn to show them off and be sexy! Ashlynn turns around a does a little...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination Wedgies
Misogynist Roommate

49 Photos, 18 min of video
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Jasper Reed can’t stand her misogynistic roommate and today she is going to teach him a lesson! She spikes his tea with some liquid and then hides in the corner and waits. Once it takes effect; she has control over him with a simple snap of her fingers. Jasper snaps her fingers along with various commands...

Tags: Body Transfer Female Domination Gender Transformation Magic Fantasies
Inward Foot Fetish

71 Photos, 15 min of video
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Custom Script Jasper Reed comes home from the gym and sits down on the couch and kicks off her sweaty shoes, ready to relax. She’s still thinking about the girls in the changing room, how she wishes she could worship their sweaty feet. Jasper decides to take a nap on the couch to get her mind off...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Magic Fantasies Socks
Femdom Session w/ Jasper

56 Photos, 12 min of video
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You've finally landed a wedgie session with Jasper Reed and you have no idea how mean she can truly be. Jasper is prepared to tug those panties tight up your crack, making sure to give a whole new meaning to "blue balls". She destroys you from the front and thoroughly dominates you in your wedgies and...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Female Domination Wedgies
Roommate Rivals

9 min of video
Available to Members Now

Nyxon has noticed that her favorite style of spandex panties have slowly gone missing. She's all out and only has the one pair that she's currently wearing. She approaches her roommate, Jasper, about the matter, but Jasper says he would never want to take Nyxons "gross weird underwear". As Jasper stands,...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Wedgies