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Models / Sexy Slyyy

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Sexy Slyyy Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 7"
Astrological Sign:  Libra

Sexy Slyyy Updates

Magic Jeans

77 Photos, 24 min of video
Available to Members on 09/21/2024

Custom Script While out shopping, Slyyy finds two pairs of “magic jeans.” She is skeptical at first, but decides to buy them and try them out on her friends Ashlynn Taylor and Ama Rio, who slip them on without hesitation. Much to Slyyy’s surprise, the jeans really are magic, as Ashlynn...

Tags: 4K Human Doll Lesbian Domination Magic Fantasies
Nasty Rumor

188 Photos, 72 min of video
Available to Members on 10/11/2024

Custom Script A while back, Ashlynn popped in on her Professor Slyyy pretending to need some special attention. During their meeting, Ashlynn mesmerized and seduced her teacher. Ashlynn enjoyed the experience with her professor so much, she came back again and again. Eventually, she began to create...

Tags: 4K Foot Fetish Foot Worship High Heels
Foot Worship Loop

81 Photos, 13 min of video
Available to Members on 09/24/2024

Ama Rio and Sexy Slyyy are lounging around talking about life when Ama remembers a mindfulness app she's been wanting to try. Slyyy is open to the idea so the girls open a video and stare into the center. Within a few moments, they slip into a trance before hearing a voice that puts them into a resting...

Tags: 4K Foot Fetish Foot Worship Mental Domination
Something Funky

25 Photos, 11 min of video
Available to Members on 08/04/2024

Custom Script Ashlynn and Slyyy are hanging out. Slyyy notices something smells. Ashlynn is a little embarrassed and offended that Slyyy thinks it’s her feet. Ashlynn takes off her own shoes and smells her feet. Ashlynn insists it’s not her and asks Slyyy to smell. When she refuses and tries to...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Lesbian Domination Socks
My Friend the Foot Freak

74 Photos, 15 min of video
Available to Members Now

Custom Script Sexy Slyyy arrives at Ashlynn's house. As they start to talk, Slyyy pops her heel out of her shoe and starts to dangle her shoe. Ashlynn takes notice. Slyyy talks about how she loves to shop online and constantly ends up draining her bank account. She is trying to think of ways to make...

Tags: 4K Foot Fetish Foot Worship
Teacher & Student

57 min of video
Available to Members Now

Custom Script (Ashlynn is a student in Professor Sly’s Psychology class and Ashlynn clearly has a serious crush on her teacher. In this scene, Ashlynn is going to entrance and seduce Professor Sly and have some lesbian play and pantyhose foot worship fun.) (As the scene begins, Professor Sly...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Girl / Girl High Heels
Roommate Rivalry

9 min of video
Available to Members Now

Roomies Ashlynn and Slyyy are ready for a night out but they're both wearing the same outfit! The girls notice they even have the same nail polish on. This is too creepy. Both girls tell the other to change, but neither will cave. Finally, Slyyy tries to rip Ashlynn's shirt off, and the girls begin a...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination Wedgies
Sitter Trains MILF

16 min of video
Available to Members Now

Ashlynn Taylor is patiently waiting for Sexy Slyyy to return from a night out with the ladies. She knows Slyyy has a soft spot for her.. deep down, and is determined to unlock it. Ashlynn has had her eye on her single boss for a while, and her thoughts on a pay raise. Ashlynn is certain she can sway...

Tags: Lesbian Domination Magic Fantasies Mental Domination