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Models / Ashlynn Taylor

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Ashlynn Taylor Vital Stats:
Height:  5'2"
Age:  28
Astrological Sign:  Scorpio

Ashlynn Taylor Updates

Controlled by Size 11s

10 min of video
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Paris comes home from a heavy sweaty workout and removes her shoes in the living room where Ashlynn is lounging. Ashlynn cringes at the putrid smell and begins complaining. The two girls begin to argue and then Paris points the TV remote at Ashlynn, pressing the button while saying "shut up!". Suddenly...

Tags: Foot Worship Magic Fantasies Mesmerize Foot Worship
Sorority Revenge

9 min of video
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Lola Leda gets sweet ass smothering and face sitting revenge on Ashlynn Taylor, a girl in her sorority who keeps bullying and pushing her around.

Tags: Ass Fetish Ass Humiliation Face Sitting Lesbian Domination
Taboo Transformation

22 min of video
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This clip was #1 in Gender Transformation! Jason has had a crush on Kendra for years. After his last breakup, he's been feeling extra horny, and hasn't been getting laid. He can't resist the urge anymore, and he casually asks his step-sis to help him out. Kendra, a secret lesbian, is absolutely disgusted...

Tags: Body Transfer Gender Transformation Lesbian Taboo Fantasies
Deep Freeze

15 min of video
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A cold snap has hit, the power goes out, and Garnet freezes all alone. Ashlynn find her frozen in the bed and is worried sick. She attempts to move Garnet around in various positions, but it's no use! It seems as if Garnet is completely stuck! Ashlynn begins to gibe into her sweet temptations, stripping...

Tags: Freeze Human Doll
Smelly Nylon Villian

12 min of video
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Ziva is interviewing Ashlynn who’s created a pantyhose prototype that supposedly eliminates foot odor, but Ziva is not convinced. The reviews say it doesn’t work and the company doesn’t want to distribute Ashlynn’s pantyhose invention. Ashlynn is an undercover villain trying to take over the...

Tags: Foot Worship Mesmerize Foot Worship Pantyhose
Making a Foot Pornstar

94 Photos, 31 min of video
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Custom Script Foot worship constantly switching between foot smelling, gentle nibbling feet, kissing feet, Dirty talk from both ladies about sweaty feet, the smell and taste during the foot worship but a lot of kissing/making out too throughout the video with some long make out sessions that last...

Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Lesbian Mesmerize Foot Worship
Hurtful Words

52 Photos, 11 min of video
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Ashlynn asks Alice for help pulling up her slutty booty shorts. In return, Alice just rides on Ashlynn for having such a "fat ass"! She says these shorts will never fit and Ashlynn should "lay off the hamburgers". Ashlynn quickly becomes insulted and threatens Alice to stop making fun of her ass "or...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Lesbian Domination Wedgies
Sorority Ass Slave PT 1

21 min of video
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Natalia Kinley and Ashlynn Taylor are two of the most popular girls in college, but they are in rival sororities. Ashlynn has been spreading rumors about Natalia and talking trash about her to Natalia's sorority mates. Natalia meets with Ashlynn and tells her that she's desperate and that all of the...

Tags: Ass Humiliation Face Sitting Lesbian Domination

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